FIWC Day 1 Summary

By 17th August 2017 No Comments

416 / 32 = 13 Goals, goals and more goals 

Coming in to the biggest tournament of the year with some players even having their first big events, it wouldn’t have been the biggest surprise for the viewers getting some slow-paced games with a lot of caution taken. However, that would not be the case today. The tournament itself kicked off 12pm local time and so did the goal scoring. Throughout the day we say 416 goals scored giving us a rate at 13 goals scored per player. Sometimes pro FIFA can be considered slow and boring but that really wasn’t the case today. It was even a big step up from the FICWC that was played a few weeks back where we saw quite a few games that ended with a maximum of 1-2 goals in the group stage. Another thing to mention is that everyone got a feel of this trend today, both big and less proved players stepped up the goal scoring.

Champions see early exit 

The word “favorite” has for sure been over used, but when you in one way have been a champion the current year, you got some extra pressure on you for sure. Starting off with “xShellz” that went on to win the PlayStation side in Berlin saw an early group stage exit today. Comparing to other big names he has not been active in the pro scene for very long. That of course is something to count in. Sure, he had the tournament of his life in Berlin, but the consistency to deliver week in week out is something that takes time. Then both “Rafsou” and “ExpectSporting” that won each console side of the FICWC couldn’t get pass the group stage. Neither of them has been deliviering at a high consistent level this year, but today really wasn’t Marcus day to be, seeing 0 wins. Rafsou on the other hand showed up but in a hard group it really comes down to smaller margins and scoring the chances you have. Season 1 Regional champions “Tass” and “Rafifa13” both saw themselves in the same group and also going home on day one. A crazy group with arguably one of the strongest 8-man line ups we are yet to see. Beforehand players such as “Filthyp94” and “Joey” being considered as the least strongest players in the group, but that got proven to be wrong thought. Despite “Tass” having the experience needed, it wasn’t enough. But who knows, another day it could have been the reversed 4 players making it through.

NA steps up

The debate that never stops. Can anyone even get close to the EU level? Should EU get even more spots in the qualification? 

No matter how much you blindly want to push for EU, NA did everything in their power to show everyone wrong today. “Filthyp94” and “Joey” managed they’re way through the “group of death” in a spectacular way. Without any clear reasons to why it happened today, we’ll have to see if they settle with knockout or if it’s just the beginning. On the PlayStation side, “Zezinho” being only one point away from qualifying and “LucasRep” finishing second in the group really proving himself. And it doesn’t stop there, we also saw “Aman” and “Janoz” powering through the group stage putting themselves in action tomorrow. To finish it off we also saw the Argentinean “Nicolas” finishing second in his group, over several EU players.

Viewer experience where it should be

This subject is something that can variate a lot. In the beginning of the year we had ESWC that lacked ways to follow. Then we have seen different qualities on the EA and FIWC events with both quality lacking streams to regionals with solid streams and live scores shown. Today we had it all. Main stream with two pairs of casters, good hosts, good production, live scores shown and not to forget every single game shown live on YouTube. Hopefully the experience will continue to run smoothly and an experience we can continue to get as viewers in upcoming years.